The institute includes various classrooms, these classes serve a full range of integrated educational facilities that include multi-purpose sections: such as cinema, café, garden, library and other classrooms.

About the classes

The classes of the institute are distinguished by the impressive and stunning design that keeps pace with the modern developments of children’ world, its main idea is inspired by “KidZania” in the United Arab Emirates to attract the child love the place.

The IEnglish Kids “KidZania” Institute is a place specially designed for your child. It is a space where the child develop his/her skills from a young age. The institute contains dedicated trainers to teach and take care of the child as well.

The seats, the lights, the walls are all designed to attract your child ‘attention to give a sense of a suitable atmosphere for the child where learning, playing and entertaining all  come together. Each of the classes we mentioned previously has various activities that are different from the other.

For Example


The focus is on specific educational activities in proportion to the design of it where the English speaking and listening activity is applied.


The activity of writing, reading and learning the English language is applied through games, stories and educational drawings.


In the library, the child reads and listens to interesting educational stories.

Why do we use stories to teach English to children?

Children learn better through stories, not through tests or exercises. Studies show that stories make children connect with the information they are learning, trust the storyteller, as well as attract their attention and interest and become more open to learning. 

When the child listens to a story in the library, that story builds a network of information and connects the new grammar and vocabulary he is learning. A good story can also teach him many lessons and activate several areas of the brain at once, so that the child learns more – without even realizing it.