Every child is different, so our courses are designed to fit your child’s specific abilities, needs and strengths. Teachers are responsible for assessing each child’s level and adjusting the course materials so that they can get the most out of the class.

Courses – Tailored to your child’s level

The best English lessons and courses for children at iEnglish Kids Institute

What makes a great English course for kids? This depends on the age of the child, but to keep our courses interesting, we follow a communication approach, which means that the focus is on practicing and improving the student’s communication skills in realistic and interactive situations. This methodology means that you will notice a real improvement within a short period of time. It also means making sure lessons are lively and fun using quizzes, e-learning applications and interactive screens.

Our teachers use the latest Cambridge materials to make our English classes relevant for children who live and work in the modern world.

There are three stages of natural language acquisition:

Recognize new sounds,
Understand basic words and sentences,
and finally express yourself freely.

Our learning levels are based on these stages, combining repetition and practice to give children confidence throughout the learning process.

Age groups from 5-9 years

KG2 – Grade4

This course is for children who do not have or have low English speaking and understanding skills.
We use the power of stories to teach young children the basics of English. In this class, children will learn words and language compounds to express themselves, their feelings, their family, and their home, using eight different stories, games and conversations.
At the end of this course, your child will be able to recognize and pronounce the alphabet, increase his vocabulary, and learn to express his feelings in English.

Age groups from 6-10 Years

Grade1 – Grade5

This course is for kids who can answer one word simple questions

In this course, your child will learn advanced English vocabulary and grammar. Through eight fun stories, he will explore words to help him talk about himself, his school, his favorite things, his outdoor activities, and his daily routine. This course will also teach him how to read words that have certain sounds and suffixes, as well as the basics of conversation.

At the end of this course, your child will be able to communicate using sentences, ask and answer simple questions about everyday situations, and write some simple words.

Age groups from 7-14 years

Grade2 – Grade9

This course is for children who understand simple conversation and can use short sentences.

In this course, all the grammar and vocabulary your child has acquired as they use their English skills will come together. He will have conversations with his teacher using the words he has learned, and start reading short stories and answering questions about them. This course will also teach your child to read words with more advanced letter combinations.

At the end of this course, your child will be able to have open discussions, read short stories, and answer questions that demonstrate his understanding of the context and the message of the story.